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Consultancy service

  • Electrification phase in
    Energy saving

Unique Selling Point Traxxys

  • “Inside out” innovation with company teams
  • 36 years of experience

Startups with technical background

Consultancy service

  • Technology selection
  • Scale Up of novel processes
  • Cost Estimating of process plants at any scale

Unique Selling Point Traxxys

  • Overview of technology portfolio
  • 2022 ICEC Award winner for Traxxys Estimating Methodology

Knowledge institutes

Consultancy service

  • Scale Up of novel processes
  • Cost Estimating of process plants at any scale

Unique Selling Point Traxxys

  • Hands on experience in chemical industry (laboratory / operational)

Banks, private equity

Consultancy service

  • Second opinion on sustainable

Unique Selling Point Traxxys

  • Overview of technology portfolio for quick SWOT-assessment of
    investment options

I founded Traxxys in the fall of 2004.

Innovation and sustainability of processes have been constant factors in my career.
Corporates and mid-sized companies taught me how to achieve targets.
They also thaught me how to innovate chemical processes against all odds.

- Henk Akse, founder


These are examples for different types of consultancy we apply to different cases, since each client has individual needs for which we adjust our approach.

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We started to make our consultancy business more sustainable by moving from fossil based heating of our offices to heat pump driven heating in 2018. Beginning of 2020 this was followed up by installing about 10 MWh of annual power production with solar cells on our roofs. 25% of this power was for
private and 25% for business use. 50% was sold to to the power provider. Beginning of 2021 we installed two additional sets of heat pumps which covered the heating requirements of both the office and the private parts of the building. These units consume the 50% of power that used to be sold to the power provider. Our final investment will be in 2023, when we plan to install a solar boiler system on our roof, taking over the hot water heating requirements. What we learned: install as much solar power on your roof as you possibly can.


Sustainable mobility is a real challenge when you run a consultancy company on a limited budget. At the moment we preferably use public transport which is not really green as long as power is being generated in the Netherlands with coal and gas in the fuel mix. Next to this we use a car running on renewable diesel, which brings down CO2 emissions to 10% of its original value but does not do much about the NOx-emissions. Finally, the bicycle always wins when our traveling distance is below 3 km, which is interesting since a lot of the total Dutch car mileage consists of these short distance trips.

Household goods

Goods we need in everyday life we buy in as second life items. Likewise, goods we do not need any
more we sell as second life items to other people who can benefit from it.

- Henk Akse on personal actions

  • Allnex Resins B.V. polycondensation; Bergen op Zoom
  • Allnex Resins B.V. polyaddition; Bergen op Zoom
  • Albemarle; Amsterdam
  • Beljon + Westerterp; Utrecht / Amsterdam
  • Berenschot; Utrecht
  • BLIX; Utrecht
  • Chemtura Netherlands B.V. Amsterdam
  • Cindu chemicals B.V.; Uithoorn
  • Cosun; Roosendaal
  • CP Kelco; Nijmegen
  • Delamine; Delfzijl
  • DIFFER; Eindhoven
  • Dishman Netherlands; Veenendaal
  • DMV International; Veghel
  • DOW Chemical; Terneuzen
  • DSM Special Products; Rotterdam Botlek
  • ECN BU Energy Efficiency in de Industrie; Petten
  • ECN BU Biomassa, Kolen en Milieuonderzoek; Petten
  • EIRES; Eindhoven
  • Energy Matters; Driebergen/Zeist
  • Flowid, Eindhoven
  • Fujifilm; Tilburg
  • Galvano; Hengelo
  • Huntsman; Botlek
  • Impact; Enschede
  • Institute for Sustainable Process Technology; A’foort
  • Kemira Chemicals B.V.; Tiel
  • Koch Raffinaderij; Rozenburg
  • Kollo Silicon Carbide, Farmsum
  • Linde; IJmuiden
  • Lubrizol; Delfzijl
  • Lubrizol; Brecksville,Ohio,USA
  • LyondellBasell; Botlek
  • LyondellBasell; Maasvlakte
  • Meneba; Weert
  • Momentive; Pernis
  • NedMag; Veendam
  • Neville Chemicals; Uithoorn
  • Norit; Klazienaveen
  • Nouryon; Amersfoort
  • Nouryon; Delfzijl
  • Nouryon; Herkenbosch
  • Nouryon; Morris, USA
  • Nouryon; Mons, Belgium
  • Oostendorp Apparatenbouw B.V.; Tiel
  • Plasticon Europe B.V. Oldenzaal
  • PQ Europe; Winschoten
  • Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland; Utrecht
  • Rosier; Sas van Gent
  • Sabic Innovative Plastics; Bergen op Zoom
  • Smit & zoon; Amersfoort
  • Smit & Zoon, Weesp
  • Solar Nederland B.V. Alkmaar
  • Stichting Agro Keten Kennis; ‘s Hertogenbosch
  • Stichting Keten Efficiency; Nuenen
  • Shell Nederland Chemie, Moerdijk
  • Shin-Etsu PVC B.V
  • Shin-Etsu VC B.V.
  • TMC Chemical; Eindhoven
  • TNO Business Unit Oil & Gas; Apeldoorn/Delft
  • Undisclosed Pharmaceutical Company; Europe
  • Unimills; Zwijndrecht
  • United Oil Products; Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
  • Universiteit Twente
  • VNCI; Leidschendam
  • ZLTO; ‘s Hertogenbosch
  • cbs.nl – CBS (Statistics Netherlands) was established in 1899 in response to the need for independent and reliable information that advances the understanding of social issues. This is still the main role of CBS. Through time, CBS has grown into an innovative knowledge institution, with continuous adoption of new technologies and developments in order to safeguard the quality of its data and its independent position.



Phone / Email

Phone: (+31) 348 – 42 44 62

Mobile: (+31) 6 – 41 23 76 95

Email: henk.akse@traxxys.com

Mailing Address

Adenauerlaan 17

3446 HS Woerden

The Netherlands

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